The Company

Ages 6-16 years

The Company allows students between six and sixteen years of age to develop self-expression, enhance social skills, and grow more confident through dance classes, acting classes, and singing classes.

The Company meets every Saturday at the Centennial Activity Center in Park Ridge for three hours.  Students are divided into three groups based on their age. Each group attends a one hour acting class, a one hour singing class, and a one hour dance class. They have a different instructor for each class, and they rotate class on the hour.

In each term, students will learn the core fundamentals of singing, acting, and dance. In addition, each term will have its own unique focus. Previous themes for our Fall Terms have been creating your own story, auditions, performing arts from around the world, plus others. Our Winter/Spring term focuses on mounting a full scale musical production. Past productions have included Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, The Wizard of Oz, Tom Sawyer, and Peter Pan. The skills learned in acting class, singing class, and dance class in the Fall will be used in the Winter/Spring production. However, students are welcome to join The Stage School at the start of either term.

FALL 2019 Term

when you wish logo.jpg

This fall, students will present “When You Wish: The Magic of Disney”, a groundbreaking new musical revue featuring songs, scenes, and dances from your favorite Disney films. Students will rehearse and perform a variety of classic and contemporary material, from such Disney favorites as Snow White, Jungle Book, Fantasia, Moana, Frozen, Newsies, plus many more! Performance on Saturday, December 7.

Families can select to attend either the morning or afternoon session.

Morning session

Saturdays         September 28-December 7           10:00am-1:00pm

No class November 2

Tuition: $451

(Tuition can be paid in four equal installments)


The Centennial Activity Center

100 S. Western Ave

Park Ridge, IL 60068

Afternoon session

Saturdays         October 5-December 14           2:00pm-5:00pm

Tuition: $451

(Tuition can be paid in four equal installments)


The Centennial Activity Center

100 S. Western Ave

Park Ridge, IL 60068

This is my son’s favorite three hours of the week! We love the experience and enthusiasm of all the teachers and everyone involved. It is well organized and the students all get along very well. We are very thankful for this experience!
— Parent of a 12 year-old student
Dance classes, Acting classes, and Singing Classes for Kids at The Stage School

In our acting classes, children explore the creation of a character through voice, movement, and imagination. Our acting instructor works with each student through creative role play, improvisation, performance text, and other fun activities. Children who attend acting classes develop strong skills in concentration, communication, teamwork, and accountability.

In our singing classes, children will learn to understand and how to use their voice. We focus on skills such as projection, diction, singing on pitch, enhancing vocal range, rhythm, and vocal dynamics. Our parents have commented that when their children attend singing classes, they notice an increase in their child’s overall confidence, and the joy of expressing themselves through song.

Expressing yourself or telling a story through movement is a part of nearly every culture in the world. Dance classes allow children to learn about themselves and the world through movement. In our dance classes, children will develop balance, coordination, proper placement of arms and feet, timing, rhythm and how to express their body through movement. Dance classes focus primarily on modern and jazz dance. Children who attend our dance classes develop poise, an increased sensory awareness, body awareness, and spatial concept, learn to use their bodies as an expressive tool, plus have loads of fun!


My child is six, should they be in the Premier Program or the Company?

Great question! Once your child is six, they are eligible to be in the Company, however many six year-olds do attend the Premier Program. The goal is to find the program that is the best fit for your child, and allow them to grow and develop where they are most comfortable. You may consider whether your child does better around older children or younger children, or which class is the best fit for your schedule.

The best answer to this is: The program in which your child will have the most fun will be the right program for them. We recommend you select the program you think is the best fit for your child. However, if after a few classes you decide the other program is a better fit, you can make a switch up to the fourth week of the term, as long as a space is still available.

Can I transfer from the morning class to the afternoon class, or vice versa, during the session?

Your child may transfer to the earlier or later class up until the fourth week of the term. After this, students will begin working on the material for their showcase, and it is important that the same children remain in each class.

My child is very shy, would The Stage School be a good fit for them?

Yes! Our philosophy at The Stage School is to develop each child’s natural ability through acting, singing, and dance. Our goal is to increase each child’s confidence and allow them to feel comfortable expressing themselves creatively. If your child is shy, or has never taken a acting class, singing class, or dance class, we will work with them to make them feel comfortable and have fun.

What does my child need to bring to class?

All we require is that by the third week of the term, all students are wearing a Stage School t-shirt (which is provided with your enrollment), and either jazz or ballet shoes. We provide all other materials needed for the class and the end of term performance. Children in The Company take a quick ten minute snack break between their second and third class. Please plan to provide your child with a light snack and bottle of water each week.

How can I know how my child is doing in the class?

Your child’s teachers are always happy to speak with you before or after class regarding your child’s progress. In addition, at the end of each term you will receive a student report that each of their three teachers has filled out for your child. The student report will summarize the material covered in singing class, acting class, and dance class. It will also highlight specific successes your child had, as well as what each teacher would like to work with your child on in the following term.

Does my child need to have previous experience in the performing arts?

Not at all! We welcome children of all different levels of experience.