Theater Mondays

Ages 6-16

The Stage School is thrilled to offer this brand new class beginning Fall 2016!

This class focuses primarily on acting. Students will explore building a character, improvisation, scene work, and working together as an ensemble. 

This new offering is perfect for performers of all levels of experience. Students will be guided by their instructors to explore their natural creative abilities and unlock their imaginations. 

Our small class sizes will allow for more advanced students to get the individual attention they need to further develop creating a role based on the given circumstances of the script, learning "the moment before" and uncovering objectives. Students new to acting will be in a supportive and comfortable environment where they can learn the basic skills of being on stage, vocal projection, character creation, and most importantly, having a great deal of fun with students their age!

We look forward to having your child join us for Theater Mondays!


Make 'Em Laugh

This term we will explore one of acting's greatest challenges...comedy! Students will study improvisation, characterization, and comedic timing through a wide range of comedic scenes. Students will perform a showcase of famous comedic scenes from The Marx Brothers to Abbott and Costello on the last day of term. 

Performance will take place on the last day of term.    

Class Times available

  • March 27th 2017 to May 22nd 2017
    Mondays 4:00pm-6:00pm

Tuition: $229

The Centennial Activity Center
100 S Western Ave
Park Ridge, IL 60068