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We are committed to developing you child’s full potential through drama, dance, and singing.

At The Stage School, we provide quality part-time training in the performing arts for children between the ages of four to sixteen. In our classes and camps, students will develop the core fundamentals of acting, singing, and dance. Our classes consist of a variety of fun and engaging activities which help kids succeed both on and off the stage.

Studies show that kids who attend activities such as classes in musical theater have increased confidence, poise, and discipline. Not only are these classes for children fun, but they develop essential life skills. Through our instruction, students learn responsibility, teamwork, integrity, and respect. We provide the right combination of learning and performing, with opportunities for students of all ages and experience levels.

Students learn in a fun, safe, and engaging classroom environment. Our mission is to give each student a positive learning and performing experience.

Whether your child is new to the performing arts or a seasoned veteran, The Stage School will provide the the most fun training environment taught by our staff of professional actors, musicians, and choreographers.

We are proud to provide the most fun acting classes, dance classes, singing classes, and summer camps for kids in Park Ridge and Oakbrook Terrace.

We invite your child to join us to act, sing, dance, and shine!

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We absolutely love The Stage School. Having time to spend on dance, music, and drama and then integrating it all into a performance has been a great learning experience and confidence builder for my daughter. She looks forward to The Stage School each week!
— Parent of a 7 year-old student

Our acting classes help kids understand how to build a character, and express themselves dramatically on stage. Dance classes help kids develop coordination, rhythm, and poise. Singing classes build listening skills, strengthen voices, and help kids work in a group environment. All students receive top quality, personalized instruction in all three disciplines. Our classes and summer camps consist of a variety of fun and engaging activities which help kids succeed both on and off the stage.

In addition to performing arts classes and Summer camps for kids, The Stage School also provides children with performance opportunities at the end of each term. This allows kids to take the activities and material studied in their acting classes, singing classes, and dance classes and present a finished performance for family and friends.

There are many worthwhile children’s activities in Park Ridge and Oakbrook Terrace, but The Stage School provides a unique and fun learning environment. Our school is filled with children singing, children dancing, children acting, and children engaging in a variety of fun activities.  

Every child gets the chance to shine


In our acting classes, children explore the creation of a character through voice, movement, and imagination. Our students learn through creative role play, improvisation, performance text, and other fun activities.

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In our singing classes, children will learn to understand and how to use their voice. We focus on skills such as projection, diction, singing on pitch, enhancing vocal range, rhythm, and vocal dynamics.

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In our dance classes, children will develop balance, coordination, proper placement of arms and feet, timing, rhythm and how to express their body through movement.

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